All About John

Individual Sessions with John

Personal channelled sessions with John the Beloved through the channel, Helen Barton, enable you to recognise the gifts, conditions and limitations with which you live and how to move beyond them. His wisdom is always loving, often humorous and provides practical techniques for growth and development.

John’s Monthly Teaching

Through John’s teaching each month we are offered an opportunity to literally enlighten our lives and free ourselves from the traps of limiting emotions and illusions. John gives a talk each month, which is rich with information, understanding, tools and techniques to assist our journey.

Group Sessions with John

Once each month we open up a slot for any small group who wishes to talk to John. These group sessions can be for up to 10 people and are for those who may not want a full session but have a couple of questions and are willing to ask them within  group of friends. We do not create groups for this. You select those you wish to join you and have a little fun. It can be as serious or a playful as you wish.

Urgent Sessions

These are 30 minutes for those who wish to speak with him urgently.