How often do you meditate at the Solstice?
What is your focus?
Where does it take you?

How can a negative lead to positive outcomes?

Are we to aim for being perfect? Being spiritual? Being of service?

How do we know which is the first outcome to aim for? Seems simple enough and yet this often throws people off.

Are you awake to what your soul is telling you?
Are you alert to the little synchronicities each day?

Do you take time out of your day for reflection?

Do you feel things very deeply and struggle to be practical?
Are you a planner who makes lists without completing them?
Do you become very enthusiastic about something only to have the enthusiasm fizzle out?

Last week in our Facebook Live I talked aobut enthusiasm and how it can trip us up. However it can also enhance our experience of Spirit to help us connect to our inner magic. After all, if something feels exciting then we usually want more, don't we?

How do enthusiasm and inner magic differ?
Surely they both come from the same source?
Aren't they interchangeable?

Are you always honest with yourself?
Do you allow other people's opinions to be more important than your own?
Do you feel that you need to be perfect before you can step forward?

Is fear your permanent detour?
Does it immobilise you at the point of moving forward?
Does it motivate you to dream big? 

Have you resolved your memories or do they still control you?
Do you look at the past to determine your future?
Are your dreams shaped by your memories?

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