We live in a world where more and more we expect to have to pay for what we want. Miracles appear to occur for others, not us. That makes us cautious about wanting too much in case the cost is too high. Spirit does not make us pay. We do.

What is the cost of using the gift shop?

Working with the Gift Shop we are always in a place to receive. IT is where we claim all we seeka nd is a powerful tool for us to use on the path.

What is the gift shop?

Last month John spoke about the Universal Gift Shop which is something he first introduced about 10 years ago.

This week is a review of all we have been sharing for the past couple of years. We hope that it might remind you of some of the experiences we have shared and encourage you to be more involved in the community or even the Phoenix Rising group.

In his March talk John reminds us: 

"You are more than enough because within you lies the Divine Presence. You are all you came to be. The Divine, the Universe, does not judge you. Why do you?"

Taking stock of our spiritual journey is an important way of remembering to connect to our Presence within.

Are you lost in the crowd?
Are you awake to all around you?
Is your Presence an active part of your daily life?

Did you list your possibilities?
Were they a surprise?
Did you find the Soul's connection to them?

Do you thrive or survive?
Are you open to new experiences?
Does your mind take flight?

Do you think limitlessly?
Can you imagine what possibilities are open to you?
Have you sat within your own limitless space?

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