John often speaks of being aligned.

Over the past couple of months, I hear comments about the energy and the challenge it presents. I also hear an undercurrent that seems to be growing, especially in the spiritual community.

Becoming more isn't about having more possessions. It's about how we choose to grow within and how willing we are to explore all that's possible for us. We live in a world with many restrictions - and there's lots of fear about how things are developing.

On a recent flight, I was watching a video about the Universe and in particluar, Betelgeuse, one of the birghtest stars of the Orion Constellation. I have been fascinated by Orion since my Dad pointed it out to me as a child. Wherever I go I look for it and when I find it I feel at home.

When I first began my spiritual journey, I was taught that I had to visualise what I wanted and then make it happen. That only by having a clear vision and putting energy into it could I have the life I wanted.

Last month we spoke about magic and how magical life can be when we choose to live it that way.

In a recent conversation with a friend, we were looking at events in our lives and discussing what they were reflecting.

Turning daydreams into reality is easy if you first accept that you can do it. The full quote is as follows:

When we sit with ourselves and allow our mind to wander, we begin to daydream. In daydreaming we are allowing our soul to speak to us without interruption.

We tend to expect others to create magic for us. In fact, it's when we recognise or create our own magic that our heart opens and our Soul sings. How good are you at recognising magic? How good are you at creating magic?

We all need those moments of magic when we simply stop and breathe in the moment and let everything else recede into the background. How effective are you at creating magical moments for self and others? Do you believe it’s possible? Is it being in denial of reality?

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