Are you seeking power?
Are you seeking Love?
How do you know which applies to you?

Is being right or wrong important to you?
Are you conditional about your acceptance of others?
Do you accept things easily?

Are you living with Accept or Except?

Are you willing to see the past clearly?
Do you have a vision for the future?
Can you align them?

What type of relationships do you want to create?
Are you looking for approval or connection?
Do you allow others to meet the real you?

Are you stuck in a rut?
Not sure of who you are or what to be?
Are you full of plans for moving forward?

2 years ago I posted an article about Acceptance and Attraction and posed these questions.

Are you openhearted?
Can you see your path clearly?
Are you searching for connection, both physically and spiritually?

2018 was a turbulent year for many of us - and most of that turbulence revolved around relationships - with ourself, our family, friends and others. It asked us to look at ourselves honestly and not take ourselves too seriously.

Do you have a spiritual plan?
Do you feel planning spiritually is more the mental body?
Is your spiritual path clearly lit?

A couple of years ago, I posted an article called 3 ways to discover your spiritual degree. I asked the following questions:

What degree do you hold spiritually?
Why do you need one?
How do you discover it?

Do you find yourself repeating old patterns?
Are you tired of achieving less than brilliant outcomes?
Are you ready to move forward in love, joy and acceptance?

In John's latest talk he said,

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