Do you feel you have the steps to connect to and energise your purpose?
Are you stepping up and then falling over in achieving it?
Are you waiting for your purpose fulfill itself?

Did you know there is an elemental alive and well within you?
Are you aware of its role?
How do you cooperate with it?

Once we are aligned within we are able to connect to the elementals in nature whose role it is to take care of the plants, trees and flowers. There are four spiritual kingdoms of nature. Fire, Earth, Air and Water and each has its own element and realm of consciousness.

John commented in his talk on Elemental Intelligence that "Until man can learn to live at peace within himself or herself, there will be war."

Have you disovered your magic?
If so, do you know how to bridge it?

If not, where do you begin?

Is your life a miracle as Shakespeare states in King Lear?
Do you bridge your magic as John expresses in his talk last month?
How often do you stop and celebrate or simply enjoy the moment?

Are your Soul and Personality engaged in a life long love affair?
Are they distinct and separate aspects of self?
Do you feel the joy of experiencing each day as an adventure?

Where do you allow your need to control to get in the way?
When does your need for safety override your connection to others?
How does your fear of getting it wrong affect your magic?

Do you meditate or contemplate?
What is the difference in application?
How might the outcomes differ?

What is your focus for meditation?
How do you choose your connection point?
Do you just sit and hope for the best?

We are often asked how to meditate, when the real question is what to meditate about.

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