Do you meditate or contemplate?
What is the difference in application?
How might the outcomes differ?

What is your focus for meditation?
How do you choose your connection point?
Do you just sit and hope for the best?

We are often asked how to meditate, when the real question is what to meditate about.

At the end of June a group of us went on retreat to Andorra.

What is meditation?
Why do we do it?
How does it help us?

When we stand in Light our intuition blazes forth to help and guide us. However it's important to be aware of when it won't do so.
These are 5 ways your intuition won't help you so save your strength trying to build these abilities.

Last week we looked at the Solstice as a map finder. Meditation and connecting to the energies of the Solstice is a powerful opportunity.

How often do you meditate at the Solstice?
What is your focus?
Where does it take you?

How can a negative lead to positive outcomes?

Are we to aim for being perfect? Being spiritual? Being of service?

How do we know which is the first outcome to aim for? Seems simple enough and yet this often throws people off.

Are you awake to what your soul is telling you?
Are you alert to the little synchronicities each day?

Do you take time out of your day for reflection?

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