Being authentic has never been more important than now. However, what does that mean?

Does it mean speaking your truth without thought to the impact on others? Is it about priding yourself on all you have accomplished? Will it mean that you stand for your beliefs no matter the outcome?

Our year has already begun with so much drama!

When we look around at our world there is an enormous amount of energy being released in a variety of ways. There seems to be so many challenges and we often wonder how we can be of any benefit.

John’s purpose is very clear as is his focus.

His work with us, both individually and collectively, is about sharing light, kindness and understanding. No matter if we listen and act or ignore, he continues to offer guidance patience and understanding without judgement.


As we move into 2020, it helps to be clear about how we wish to share ourselves and our light with others. Being accepting, tolerant and understanding is all about light. Being judgmental and critical is all about shadow.

We have a brand new year and decade to play in.

Some of us have made resolutions about how to use the energy and some of us are simply allowing things to unfold in their time and place. Whichever you’ve chosen, take some time to connect to your heart and feel what is possible for you.

It's hard to believe we're at the beginning of another decade. Where does time go?

"And what have you done?" asked John Lennon.

It's a great question at any time and especially at this time of year, no matter what you are celebrating.

John often speaks of being aligned.

Over the past couple of months, I hear comments about the energy and the challenge it presents. I also hear an undercurrent that seems to be growing, especially in the spiritual community.

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