What do I need to know about a session with John?

  • Contact us directly to find a suitable session date and time. We will then add it into our system and direct you to the payments page. The session is NOT confirmed until full payment is processed.


  • Please note that if you make payment via credit card to the shop it shows on your credit card statement as Insight (Aust) Pty Ltd.


  • Begin to consider the questions you might want to ask John. If you are concerned about your questions, please contact us beforehand so that valuable time is not wasted during the session. Organise to be undisturbed for the full one-hour session. Remember this is your hour and you can ask a lot of questions in that time!


  • You will receive an email giving the online login details, and payment reminder if necessary, 5-7 days prior to your booked session. There will also be a final reminder email one day prior to be sure you are set up. Please expect these emails and ensure you check any junk/spam folders if they have not arrived in the above-mentioned period. If you have any issues, please contact admin@johnthebeloved.com


  • The connection is via GoToMeeting which can use any internet connection or regular phone line. Due to the depth of content uncovered during your hour with John, we record each session for you.  The same day, you will be sent an email with a downloadable link to your recording. We are currently using We Transfer to do this.