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One Minute Wisdom

This is where we post segments of wisdom from John or Helen that may help your journey.

What is Your Soul Plan - talking to John

Helen describes a little of John's purpose in one ot one sessions.

Here we offer a guideline and suggestions for those on their spiritual journey It is offered with certain steps to enable you to create a gentle and powerful foundation for your life and path.

Each stage involves three steps or areas of recommended study. Each of these builds on the ones prior to ensure understanding and confidence can be achieved.

We call it The Path of Spirit.


Stage Two

 This is a course of study based on a talk given by John. In this study you are offered seven principles or truths to live by. The study involves meditations, practical tools and assignments to clarify understanding. Email support is also offered. It is a truly enlightening and exciting spiritual...

Additional Learning

If you have done at least one from each of the above categories then these are offered to further your connection.

In this year of talks John will be teaching about why this is a new era, what that means  for us all, how we can cooperate with it for our Soul's journey and what steps we can be taking monthly to align and grow through it. Each month you will receive access to the audio and the transcript for that...

Free Learning Centre

We created this free learning centre as a resource for anyone to use and we add materials at regular intervals.

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The intent is to create a learning centre composed of free exercises and meditations. In addition to the free meditations and exercises, you will see other items we offer although you will not be able to access them since these are paid items, for example John’s $18 monthly subscription talks, and the recordings of his public Guidance talks, which are to be found in the shop.

We will also add any other materials as they occur.

In addition, the course materials can be accessed heren in the private section. Ultimately we will create home study courses with email support. Those who have studied the material, express an interest and are certified will then be given an opportunity to mentor the new participants.

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