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This is a place where members of the Community can get to know what others offer. We hope you use it and derive benefit from it once people begin to add their products.

All of our Marketplace people have studied with John or myself in one way or another.
Please note we do not advocate any one product or item but offer an opportunity for you to connect to other likeminded people living life in a spiritual way.
You also agree that if you choose to work with them we are in no way responsible for any outcomes you achieve.

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AAHB Web Solutions

AAHB Web Solutions designed this site and offered exceptional service, time and comitment to helping us to produce what we wanted to offer. Heather only works with Drupal and that is why we chose her. Her patience and commitment to a quality product is greatly appreciated.

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Freedom Coaching

Glynis shows the way to connect with the Diamond Within your heart and live your potential. For women who feel lost or tired of trying to be someone they think they should be, her programmes help you to understand who you are, see yourself in a different light, then offer practical tools to create a new start and the life that you truly want.

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Anita Pavlovic | Transforming Inspiration into Action and Challenges into Triumph!

Anita is a Mentor & Facilitator who provides business advisory, consulting and accounting services, programs & courses that empower and support you to navigate your journey towards achieving your goals and dreams. Her strength is to see your bigger picture and show you how to implement the systems and structures needed to get there.

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Alice Yuen - Alive Wellness HK

Alice Yuen is a Healer and a Spiritual Mentor. Alice works on soul evolution, facilitating you to connect with your own inner wisdom and be who you are. She teaches and heals, from Spiritual awareness, mental, emotional to physical well-being. She integrates her knowledge in energy healing and physicality, to bring Balance, love and aspiration. She is an accredited teacher of Beyond 2012, acupuncture and she is also a registered physiotherapist in Hong Kong and New Zealand.

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Transformed Relationships

Angela is a love and relationship coach with a deep affinity for women navigating unhealed hurts. She is a certified master coach, certified Subconscious Rapid Transformation Practitioner, a technique of subconscious re-patterning that transforms a person’s ability to create the relationship of their dreams. Adding to her gifts of insight and affinity are her certification as a teacher of meditation, and two decades-long expertise in dance and body movement.

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Mary Anne Waldren

A former Telstra Businesswoman of the Year, Mary-Anne combines her wisdom from two worlds – one of spirituality, the other in everyday manifestation. Her expertise as a CEO and recognised multi award-winning innovator in the business world is now shared with individuals and business owners who want to use both realms of awareness to propel themselves into deeper success. She is a Master of Strategy and is passionate about business and partnerships and is renowned with corporate, government and associations for her event management and creation, her speaking and business training and mentoring.

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Julie Cumming

Julie Cumming is a Property Educator and Solutions provider, with an expertise in Property Investment Advice and education. Using her expert knowledge and experience and the highest degree of integrity, she assists clients to achieve their desired outcomes.

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Kelly Grace Smith

Kelly Grace Smith is a certified life coach, mentor, spiritual guide, Reiki Master, and transpersonal coach & vibrational healer. She is also a writer and communications professional. “All of my work over the years has been about connection and communication. The diversity and depth of that work has provided me the opportunity to develop a keen ability to see “outside the box.” This ability allows me to support clients to see the underlying patterns, paradigms, perceptions, assumptions, and attachments - the energy dynamics - that impede or obstruct the healing, growth, or success of an individual, organization, or project.” Visit website: http://

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