Pink Bubbles

Welcome to Pink Bubbles

This idea sprang up as a way of sharing energy to help the wider community.

The idea is that love and acceptance are always welcome especially when we are feeling challenged or alone.

Sharing energy to help the wider community.

This page offers the opportunity to give pink bubbles to others or to ask for pink bubbles from the community.

Why Pink Bubbles? Because when you receive them you feel wrapped in a warm blanket and any sense of being alone disappears. Equally when you send them you feel the connection to others through your giving. All it costs you is a little time and thought.

Please feel free to ask for them or to offer them to others, always remembering to respect the privacy of those you are helping.

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Received pink bubbles

22-09-19 08:16 - Juliet

The Iran Saudi situation

22-09-19 07:48 - Juliet

Harold Gold and family

19-09-19 10:56 - SM

PBS to the situation at work to move on with integrity and light

14-09-19 12:56 - Juliet

Meg Gauci and her Mum who is currently in hospital

14-09-19 11:09 - Juliet

PBS for areas in Spain affected by flooding and also the Bahamas with another storm brewing

12-09-19 05:04 - Mara

asking for pink bubbles for my husband, Dean to help him heal panic disorder. So he can feel peaceful and calm at all times. Thank you!

10-09-19 08:37 - Anam Cara

Asking for Pink Bubbles for all those affected by the current bushfires in Qld and NSW

09-09-19 03:00 - Juliet

Queensland bush fires

09-09-19 08:44 - JULIET

Donna Kang in her transition and all her family

05-09-19 08:40 - Olive

Pink bubbles for driving test please.

03-09-19 06:06 - elaine

pink bubbles for the best outcome for Pauline .. my sister in law. She is about to undergo a big hip operation.

01-09-19 10:23 - Olive

Please send pink bubbles to my mother May who is not well. Thank you.

31-08-19 12:43 - JULIET

Pbs for Florida storm brewing

29-08-19 04:41 - Olive

Pink bubbles for Charlie please

26-08-19 09:50 - JULIET

PBs for Greece

25-08-19 08:29 - JULIET

PBs for drought stricken areas in Australia and across the world

25-08-19 08:27 - JULIET

PBs for Amazon forests

23-08-19 11:04 - Clara

pink bubbles please for the Amazon Forest

22-08-19 12:02 - Glynis

PBS please for the Amazon

08-08-19 12:34 - JULIET

PBS for Zimbabwe

Sent Pink Bubbles

23-09-19 01:37 - P&H

Pbs to the shooting incident in Rio.

19-09-19 11:21 - P&H

Pbs to school fire in Liberia and Kasur-Pakistan

17-09-19 05:47 - P&H

Pbs to Syria & Yemen and all those affected and displaced by the conflicts there.

15-09-19 01:59 - Sonia

PBS to saudi

14-09-19 12:43 - P&H

Pbs to Rio hospital fire

09-09-19 06:45 - P&H

Pbs to all those adversely affected by weather patterns globally

09-09-19 04:01 - sonia

bushfire in Australia

08-09-19 03:40 - Sonia

PBS to typhoon affected south and North Korea

07-09-19 05:16 - Axel

PBS for Levent

05-09-19 01:50 - Sonia

PBS to the train / truck accident in Japan

04-09-19 02:44 - Sonia

PBS to K and her family

03-09-19 01:35 - Anam Cara

Sending Pink Bubbles to all those who have requested

03-09-19 12:53 - P&H

Pbs to all those affected by changing weather patterns,
the California boat fire,
Johannesburg and Afghanistan

02-09-19 05:05 - Glynis

Sending love and light to the planet , to all sentient beings

02-09-19 05:05 - Glynis

Sending love and light to the planet , to all sentient beings

02-09-19 04:56 - P&H

Pbs to Dhamar

02-09-19 12:11 - P&H

Pbs to Bahamas

01-09-19 12:20 - P&H

Pbs to shooting in Texas

31-08-19 05:52 - Helen

For Sarupa who’s father just passed away

30-08-19 11:57 - Pauline

PBS to all attack thoughts and destructive outcomes