Pink Bubbles

Welcome to Pink Bubbles

This idea sprang up as a way of sharing energy to help the wider community.

The idea is that love and acceptance are always welcome especially when we are feeling challenged or alone.

Sharing energy to help the wider community.

This page offers the opportunity to give pink bubbles to others or to ask for pink bubbles from the community.

Why Pink Bubbles? Because when you receive them you feel wrapped in a warm blanket and any sense of being alone disappears. Equally when you send them you feel the connection to others through your giving. All it costs you is a little time and thought.

Please feel free to ask for them or to offer them to others, always remembering to respect the privacy of those you are helping.

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Received pink bubbles

18-07-19 09:16 - JULIET

All affected by the fire in Kyoto

17-07-19 08:37 - Carol

Requesting PBs for the lovely Shona struggling with illness.

17-07-19 01:01 - lesley

requesting pb's for bruce w. for upcoming hip surgery, his surgical/medical team, and his health and wellbeing on all levels

16-07-19 05:13 - JULIET

DR Congo re Ebola spread

15-07-19 11:28 - JULIET

PBs to Hong Kong unrest

15-07-19 11:27 - JULIET

PBS to Nepal, India and Bangladesh flood affected areas

13-07-19 10:20 - JULIET

All affected by storms approaching Louisiana and the terrorism in Somalia

12-07-19 04:44 - JULIET

PBs for Jeffrie T.

12-07-19 04:44 - JULIET

PBs for New Orleans

10-07-19 07:47 - JULIET

PBs for those affected by the violence in Papua New Guinea

10-07-19 11:11 - lesley

requesting pb's for toddler and family of toddler who recently died on freedom of the seas cruise ship

09-07-19 12:08 - lesley

requesting pb's for an end to sexual abuse, trafficking and harm

08-07-19 08:12 - lesley

requesting pb's for maria and mark b. and their new baby who are in the hospital coping with complications of delivery - for the medical team assisting them - and for their health and wellbeing on all levels

07-07-19 06:27 - lesley

requesting pb's for margret m. for her upcoming surgery, her medical team and her health and wellbeing on every level

05-07-19 02:10 - JULIET

PBs to all areas in Japan affected by the floods

04-07-19 08:41 - Bronwyn Coleman

Pink bubbles to Ali, james & family & tommy please

04-07-19 11:14 - lesley

requesting pb's for raechel t and her ability to attain a visa with divine ease and grace for upcoming study

04-07-19 11:13 - lesley

requesting pb's for rebecca t - trip to montreal and her safety and wellbeing on every level

04-07-19 11:12 - lesley

requesting pb's for the continued development of my understanding of and relationship with elemental kingdom

04-07-19 11:11 - lesley

requesting pb's for beta testing of my new worksheet

Sent Pink Bubbles

20-07-19 01:40 - P&H

Pbs to Athens

20-07-19 01:24 - Sonia

PBS to the gas explosion at factory in Henan

19-07-19 08:12 - P&H

Pbs to accident situation in Jiangsu China

18-07-19 06:50 - sonia

pbs to the people and their friends, family and public services involving in the fire in kyoto

18-07-19 05:28 - P&H

Pbs to the Ebola situation

18-07-19 05:27 - P&H

Pbs to the student exam situation in Telangana, India

18-07-19 05:25 - P&H

Pbs to Kyoto

16-07-19 11:02 - P&H

Pbs to Mumbai building collapse

15-07-19 11:28 - JULIET

Sending to all requests for PBs and energetic assistance

14-07-19 08:47 - P&H

Pbs to Nepal and India for monsoon floods situation

13-07-19 09:32 - Sonia

PBS to the Philippines

13-07-19 11:15 - P&H

Pbs to Kismayo

13-07-19 11:13 - P&H

Pbs for Nancy

12-07-19 01:25 - P&H

Pbs to New Orleans and those affected or will be affected by tropical storm

12-07-19 07:43 - Glynis

Sending pink bubbles to all...

11-07-19 09:23 - P&H

Pbs to Greece and Afghanistan

10-07-19 11:32 - P&H

Pbs to South Korea

09-07-19 07:50 - Sonia

PBS to Anjo

09-07-19 11:16 - P&H

Pbs to Washington

08-07-19 11:04 - Sonia

PBS to bus crash in India