Pink Bubbles

Welcome to Pink Bubbles

This idea sprang up as a way of sharing energy to help the wider community.

The idea is that love and acceptance are always welcome especially when we are feeling challenged or alone.

Sharing energy to help the wider community.

This page offers the opportunity to give pink bubbles to others or to ask for pink bubbles from the community.

Why Pink Bubbles? Because when you receive them you feel wrapped in a warm blanket and any sense of being alone disappears. Equally when you send them you feel the connection to others through your giving. All it costs you is a little time and thought.

Please feel free to ask for them or to offer them to others, always remembering to respect the privacy of those you are helping.

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Received pink bubbles

16-02-19 06:29 - Juliet

All those affected by the discovery of mass graves in Nigeria and the polling situation there

16-02-19 06:27 - Juliet

All those affected by weather extremes in Queensland and northern NSW, Australia

15-02-19 01:14 - Clara

Pbs please for Paul to cope with his challenge

13-02-19 08:54 - Angela

PBS for Joe as he goes through a court case that brings him challenge

10-02-19 11:56 - Mara

Please surround my dad and my brothers in pink bubbles or send them pink bubbles and may whatever is for the highest good for all transpire. Thank you!

31-01-19 07:23 - Cynthia

Please surround Vanessa Rodney and medical team as Rod is having his second stem cell transplant from his daughter this has also been a healing of their relationship. Thank you

30-01-19 10:44 - bron

pink bubbles for rebecca please

30-01-19 10:43 - bron

pink bubbles for my dad please in adjusting to the changes occurring in his environment and our family

28-01-19 10:04 - Lesley

Requesting pink bubbles for Jim his thumb injury and his wellbeing on every level

27-01-19 08:58 - Juliet

PBs for the areas affected by the bush fires in Tasmania

27-01-19 08:38 - Juliet

Those affected by the bomb blast in the Philippines

26-01-19 03:16 - Juliet

All affected by the collapse of the dam in Brazil

25-01-19 05:42 - Juliet

PBs to all nations across the globe experiencing civil unrest

25-01-19 05:41 - Juliet

PBS to all affected by the floods in Indonesia

18-01-19 09:56 - Lesley

Requesting pink bubbles for divine alignment, and divine ease and grace for the unfolding of my transition to my new home and new professional chapter

16-01-19 05:05 - Lesley

Requesting pb’s for the United States highest and greatest good as well as harmony and peace for all

16-01-19 05:02 - Lesley

Requesting pb’s for my ongoing alignment with my purpose and service on all levels

15-01-19 01:17 - Clara

Please senf pink bubbles to Betty, assisting her to cope with her illness. Thank you.

15-01-19 10:11 - lesley

requesting pb's for loren c. for his personal growth, transformation, and restoration of wellbeing on every level

14-01-19 10:53 - lesley

requesting pb's for abundant teaching opportunities and abundant compensation

Sent Pink Bubbles

15-02-19 01:11 - Clara

sending Pink Bubbles for those requested

07-02-19 06:11 - Pauline

Sending PBS to the refugee footballer in Thailand prison every day till he is released

02-02-19 04:17 - Glynis

Sending pink bubbles to all those requested here...

31-01-19 10:12 - Pauline

Pink bubbles to all people’s in transition

31-01-19 10:09 - Pauline

Sending pink bubbles to assist humanity and elemental harmony

31-01-19 07:25 - Cynthia

Sending Pink Bubbles

30-01-19 10:45 - bron

pink bubbles to all who have requested and those who are willing to receive x

28-01-19 10:06 - lesley

Sending pb’s to mass consciousness and all who have requested

27-01-19 01:18 - Angela

PB for Venezuela and World Community and UN

23-01-19 10:02 - Pauline

Sending pink bubbles to assist for highest good clarity and clear decision making for all humanity

23-01-19 10:00 - Pauline

Sending pink bubbles for the highest good of all humanity

23-01-19 07:17 - Lesley

Sending pink bubbles to Jeff m and his family for their solution for much needed transportation vehicle and for their highest and greatest good

19-01-19 08:35 - Angela

PBs for Lesley and USA

17-01-19 11:33 - Pauline

Sending pink bubbles for the highest good to all of humanity

16-01-19 05:33 - Glynis

Sending pb's to all this who have requested here, and to the situation in Kenya.

16-01-19 05:04 - Lesley

Sending pb’s to Janet r for her highest and greatest good and wellbeing on every level

15-01-19 11:53 - Lesley

Sending pb’s to all who have requested on this site

15-01-19 11:52 - Lesley

Sending pink bubbles to Betty for her highest and greatest good strength and wellbeing on all levels

15-01-19 11:51 - Lesley

Sending Amanda pb’s for a brilliant transition filled with joy love abundance and divine ease and grace

15-01-19 10:12 - lesley

sending pb's to all those around me who are supporting me and my journey